ATX UnBound Podcast

ATX UnBound Podcast

ATX UnBound explores the creative world of Austin, TX one of the fastest growing creative cities in the US.

The host, Nelson Guda, is an artist and former scientist, who has traveled the world pursuing his own creative work and has seen creativity from the inside of wildly different careers. 

Join Nelson as he explores what it is that makes people’s creative machinery tick, by interviewing people who use creativity in every aspect of life – from artists and musicians, to entrepreneurs and engineers, to people who are trying to find creative solutions to make the world a better place.

Marc Pouhé – Acting from Experience

Marc Pouhé is one of Austin’s most well-known actors. He has performed in pretty much every theatre venue that Austin has to offer from Zach Scott and Mary Moody to the State Theatre and Vortex. He’s performed everything from Shakespeare to Dilbert (!), and he is now vice president of Austin Shakespeare. Listen to my

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Live a Great Story - from their Instagram feed

Zach Horvath – Live a Great Story

When Zach Horvath made a graffiti that said “Live A Great Story, he had know idea it would start a movement. Zach Horvath is the guy who pasted “Live a Great Story” on the massive columns under the MoPac expressway in Austin. If you’ve ever walked across the pedestrian bridge there, you’ve definitely seen it.

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Brooke Axtell – Beautiful Justice on ATX UnBound Podcast

Brooke Axtell – Beautiful Justice

“We’re the storyteller. We’re not the story of the trauma. We’re the one who gets to tell the story.” Brooke Axtell I’ve known of Brooke Axtell for years, and I am super excited to have her here on ATX UnBound. Brooke and I share a philosophy that you are the storyteller of your own life.

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Joel Laviolette – African Instruments, Austin Music

Joel Laviolette’s music is fusion in the truest sense of the word. He is an American master of the traditional African instruments the mbira and marimba, and he mixes those ancient sounds with high tech audio sampling and projection mapping. His work is fun, danceable, high energy and often trance-like. It is music that is

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Michael Love – Tapping Deep Emotions | ATX UnBound

Michael Love – Tapping Deep Emotions

Michael Love – Tapping Deep Emotions Being brave enough to step out and say, “I’m gonna make work that speaks to this part of my identity”. Michael Love’s work is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. He’s a tap dancer who taps to hip-hop, funk and videos of social justice work. His dance taps deep

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Nelson Guda – We Are Not Enemies

Nelson Guda – We Are Not Enemies “When we find compassion, we realize that we are not enemies.” This episode includes an interview I did for a Nicole Morin’s podcast, Universally Seeking. I hesitated to post an interview with myself, but after the mid-term elections I thought that this topic was especially relevant. My biggest project

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Chef Erind Halilaj, Il Brutto Restaurant

Chef Erind Halilaj – Creativity and Tradition

Chef Erind Halilaj – Creativity and Tradition “I think that I am a chef because I know what my palatte wants, and I know how to get there.” Chef Erind Halilaj started cooking as a way to be independent so he wouldn’t have to go to military school in Italy. When he realized that he

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Blue Lapis Light

Sally Jacques – Flying Without Fear

Sally Jacques – Flying Without Fear “TO BE INSPIRED IS TO BE IN SPIRIT.” If you have lived in Austin long, you have probably seen or heard of Sally Jacques’ work. The dancers in her group, Blue Lapis Light, dance while suspended hundreds of feet in the air off buildings, bridges and abandoned power plant

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Charlotte Bell – Bridging Cultures with Creativity

Podcast: Charlotte Bell – Bridging Cultures with Creativity Charlotte Bell is many things – professional photographer, quiet activist, and community organizer. She and her husband live in an enchanting and beautiful little house in Travis Heights, but they also spend nearly half their time in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Charlotte is one of those

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ATX Food Company - Sacred Lotus

ATX Food Company – Brothers in Food

Podcast: ATX Food Company – Brothers in Food Brothers Raad and Raed (Rey) Mansour seem like an unlikely pair to have started Austin’s newest vegan food trailer, ATX Food Company on Barton Springs Road (map). Raad and Raed came to the US as Iraqi refugees during the first Gulf War. After growing up in a

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Dave Madden Swimming in Music

Podcast: Dave Madden, Swimming in Music Austin, TX is swimming in music. It is flooded with music. It is literally impossible to go to a party and not meet a musician of some sort. This is awesome, but it makes it incredibly challenging to make a living as a musician in this town. Dave Madden

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