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CREATIVITY… What pops into your head when you hear that word? Crazy artist? Starving musician? Improvisational dance? We all have stereotypes of what a creative person is, but in the real world creativity is way bigger than the arts. It’s about the process of creating anything. From your phone and the apps on it; to your decision about what to wear to dinner; to a nonprofit’s efforts to solve social problems. Creativity drives everything that we try to improve or change in our world. It is the one of the foundations of what makes us human.

And that is what we are going to explore here on ATX UnBound, , a podcast from UnBound Online that explores the creative world of Austin, TX one of the fastest growing creative cities in the US. 

My name is Nelson Guda. I am an artist and former scientist, so I’ve seen creativity from the inside of wildly different careers. I’ve traveled a lot of the world pursuing my own creative work, and along the way I became obsessed with the process behind creativity. What is it that makes people’s creative machinery tick? What moves a painter’s brush over the canvas in a certain way or pushes an entrepreneur to try something different?   Where do we get that first inspiration?   And what about all the the little creative decisions that bring an idea to fruition?

Over the next year I’ll introduce you to chefs and artists, engineers and storytellers, city shapers and dreamers. ATX UnBound is about connecting people. It’s about building a community for people who create – a place to find inspiration, learn from others or maybe even find collaborators. Subscribe to the podcast and join me here, because at our most fundamental level we are all creators.

On the UnBound website, we’ll also have more stories and videos about people doing amazingly cool things with their creativity, not just in Austin but around the world.

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