Refugee Is Not My Name Exhibit in the Austin Public Library

Refugee Is Not My Name

Podcast: Refugee Is Not My Name

If you’ve been paying attention to the news in the last year, the issue of refugees in America must be on your mind. But how well do you really understand the refugee issue in your city? Listen to this podcast interview with the creators of “Refugee Is Not My Name” and learn about this heart-warming and beautiful exhibit that is on display in the downtown Austin Library until August 5, 2018.

Refugee Is Not My Name is a stunningly beautiful and personal look at the lives of refugees in Austin, TX through photography, video and personal stories. In this podcast, you’ll meet the creators of the exhibit, Ashley St. Clair, Jess Archer and Aaron Weiss. Also in the podcast is Jasmin Balic, a 32 year old Bosnian refugee who moved to Austin with his parents when he was ten years old. In the podcast Jasmin talks about what it is like to be a refugee in Austin. After listening to the podcast, you can see his photograph and his story from “Refugee Is Not My Name” in the gallery further down the page.

The project “Refugee Is Not My Name” was created by:
Ashley St. Clair, Jess Archer and Aaron Weiss

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