The Fantastic World of Lucas Aoki

The Fantastic World of Lucas Aoki

Podcast: The Fantastic World of Lucas Aoki

Every once in a while I run into a piece of art that transports me to some new and unexpected place. This is what Austin-based painter and mural artist Lucas Aoki’s art did for me the first time I saw it. Lucas Aoki’s art is full of fantasy and untold stories. I met him when he was giving a talk at a networking event in Austin. I didn’t know his art so I looked it up on my phone and immediately knew that I wanted to talk to him more.

Listen to the podcast to learn a little about Lucas and his story of following love to Austin and then becoming a painter. Amazingly, Lucas has had very little formal training. He came to Austin, and decided that he wanted to start painting. Now he has painted murals around the world. His story is as unlikely and enchanting as his paintings.

While I was talking with Lucas I got to flip through some of his sketchbooks, which were filled with little treasures of imagination. If you ever meet an artist and visit their studio – ask if they mind sharing their sketchbook. Sketchbooks show more about an artist than you can find in the art. They are a window into an artist’s mind and their process. Lucas agreed to let me share some photos of his sketchbook pages, and I’ve put them below for your enjoyment along with a few images of his murals. But go to Lucas’ website to see more of his finished work, and make sure to check out his Instagram feed @lucasaokiart.

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