Chef Erind Halilaj, Il Brutto Restaurant

Chef Erind Halilaj – Creativity and Tradition

Chef Erind Halilaj – Creativity and Tradition

“I think that I am a chef because I know what my palatte wants, and I know how to get there.”

Chef Erind Halilaj started cooking as a way to be independent so he wouldn’t have to go to military school in Italy. When he realized that he loved cooking, he poured enormous energy into learning everything he could. Now, after working in and running restaurants in New York, Miami and Milan, and starting restaurants around the globe, Erind has come to Austin to open two new Italian eateries on the east side – Il Brutto, a high end Italian dinner cuisine and La Matta, a classic Italian sandwich and salad shop.  Chef Erind’s philosophy of creating food as a way to connect with people fits neatly with Austin’s culture of community and openness. Listen to this story of persistence and perfection, creativity and tradition.

 • Il Brutto | La Matta •

For those of you who are curious, here are links to some of the places Erind worked in the past that he talked about in the podcast: Hotel Principe di Savoia, Milan | Obicà Flatiron, NYC

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