Dave Madden Swimming in Music

Podcast: Dave Madden, Swimming in Music

Austin, TX is swimming in music. It is flooded with music. It is literally impossible to go to a party and not meet a musician of some sort. This is awesome, but it makes it incredibly challenging to make a living as a musician in this town. Dave Madden is one of the maybe five percent of Austin musicians who has managed to create a successful life for himself as a professional musician. He is a singer, songwriter, pianist, composer, arranger, producer… the list just goes on and on.

I talked with Dave about how he has managed to make a decent living in a field where most people struggle and find other jobs to pay the bills. It’s not an easy thing, and Dave has a lot to tell. He is a passionate perfectionist, and it has served him well. Dave’s passion for life goes way beyond his music. Housing is a struggle for a lot of artists and musicians in Austin, and Dave has been a vocal advocate for making Austin affordable for musicians. For himself he has focused a ton of creative energy on finding a way to own a house in this increasingly unaffordable town, which led him to buying land just outside of town where he is starting to build his own house.

Dave is also an ardent supporter for the conservation of Barton Springs, and he is passionate about community. Several years ago he saw a post on Facebook from a woman who’s daughter wanted a piano for Christmas, but she couldn’t afford to get one. Dave raised money from friends, found a used upright piano and delivered the piano with the help of friends. Below are a few pics from that beautiful day and some photos of Dave from one of his shows at Threadgills.

Listen to the podcast and then check out Dave’s music on his website davemaddenmusic.com, Soundcloud or Spotify.

Need a good laugh? Watch Dave’s hilarious song “It’s So Fuckin’ Hot”…

Dave Madden on Soundcloud…

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