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Michael Love – Tapping Deep Emotions

Michael Love – Tapping Deep Emotions

Being brave enough to step out and say,
“I’m gonna make work that speaks to this part of my identity”.

Michael Love’s work is like nothing you’ve ever seen before. He’s a tap dancer who taps to hip-hop, funk and videos of social justice work. His dance taps deep into the roots of the emotions that make him who he is – a gay, African American tap dancer using his art to explore cultural intersections that you have probably never thought about.

The first time I saw Michael Love dance, I loved his work without really understanding why. He was tap dancing on a simple board in front of a multimedia mashup of funk, hip-hop and videos strong black women talking about equality and civil rights. It was raw and powerful.

Video below: Michael Love’s interview with UnBound – watch even if you listened to the podcast.

Michael J Love Website

Video by Nelson Guda, Rohan Teredesai, and Michael Grey

Below is an excerpt of one of Michael’s works. Right now there are no full length videos of his full media mashup works, but there is a documentary about him in process. Check his website to keep tabs on that.

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