Nelson Guda – We Are Not Enemies

Nelson Guda – We Are Not Enemies

“When we find compassion, we realize that we are not enemies.”

This episode includes an interview I did for a Nicole Morin’s podcast, Universally Seeking. I hesitated to post an interview with myself, but after the mid-term elections I thought that this topic was especially relevant. My biggest project to date was the Enemies Project, in which I traveled to conflict zones around the world to bring people together from opposite sides of deadly conflicts. I feel strongly that the division in our country is dangerous, but I also know that we can move beyond it and heal. I know this from my own experiences in doing the Enemies Project. I invite you to listen to this interview, and think about your struggles with understanding people who you disagree with. I have those struggles every day. We all do. In this interview I talked about my response to those struggles, and the art piece that came out of it.

I will post two of my talks about the Enemies Project here. Please go to the project website to see the images and learn more about the project.

Website: The Enemies Project • A Blurring of Art and Life


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