Blue Lapis Light

Sally Jacques – Flying Without Fear

Sally Jacques – Flying Without Fear


If you have lived in Austin long, you have probably seen or heard of Sally Jacques’ work. The dancers in her group, Blue Lapis Light, dance while suspended hundreds of feet in the air off buildings, bridges and abandoned power plant stacks. Sally Jacques’ work is not only visually spectacular, but deeply driven by her desire to make the world a better place.

I was blown away by my chat with Sally. I’d had long conversations with her before, so I knew that her life had been driven by her passion to change the world, but her life has been richer and more inspiring than I knew. Listen to Sally talk about her life, and you will be inspired to change the world or take a risk.

Check out Blue Lapis Light to find out about upcoming shows and classes.

Here are some from the Blue Lapis Light FB page and a video from “Requiem,” the first Blue Lapis Light piece that was performed on the unfinished Intel building downtown in 2005.

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