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Zach Horvath – Live a Great Story

When Zach Horvath made a graffiti that said “Live A Great Story, he had know idea it would start a movement. Zach Horvath is the guy who pasted “Live a Great Story” on the massive columns under the MoPac expressway in Austin. If you’ve ever walked across the pedestrian bridge there, you’ve definitely seen it. That graffiti caught my eye years ago, and ever since I’ve wondered about Zach, because I love the message. I finally caught up with Zach to talk about his story this year.

“Live A Great Story” became a movement, and as the guy behind that idea, Zach tried to harness it not only to help people live their story, but to try and support his own life so he could live his story the way he wanted.

I had a great conversation with Zach about how he first came to think of that idea, and where it has taken him. Like life, the story is complex with ups and downs. Listen in and hear a honest story about trying to make a life from a very cool idea. Check out Live A Great Story at the links below and take a peek at their new journal that they came up with to help people live their story. | Live A Great Story Instagram

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